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Wellington, New Zealand

Architecture • Design • Culture


Problem Solving is at the very core of Architecture and Design, and every city is inventive in its own unique way when it comes to Problem Solving, based on its history, culture, geography and native materials.

This intensive Wellington, New Zealand summer course immerses students into a culture that solves architectural problems through a sophisticated appreciation for design, conceptualization and aesthetics. The program introduces students to critical inquiry through the shared principles and theories of Art, Architecture and Design as experienced in New Zealand’s cultural capital. Using the city as our classroom, students will visit well- known sites, museums and monuments as well as hidden gems that reinforce the concepts presented in readings, lectures and reviewed in class discussions. This program is in partnership with Massey University’s art and design program in Wellington.

At the graduate level, each student will explore a neighborhood of his/her choice. This study will conclude with a student-led tour and a final paper.

While no art or drawing skills are required, participants at every level will learn how to improve their visual skills through sketching, observation studies and analyses. Each week students will complete a design project, each exploring a different aspect of the culture. The course offers Global and Cultural Diversity credit and is open to undergraduate and graduate students. There is no language requirement.


S u m m e r S e m e s t e r

July 10 – 29, 2017

Department of Art Studios Arts 305: 3-credits


Faculty Advisor: Sally L. Levine


Program Cost:


*Does not include: Flights, Some Meals, Tuition, Passport and Visa Fees

Registration deadline:

1 February 2017


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