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• Premedical Concepts and Review: MCAT Preparation
UNIV 300: 3 credits
Dates: 5/14/2018 – 6/1/2018
Team-taught by CWRU faculty with expertise in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, physics, psychological sciences and sociology, this course is designed to comprehensively review all Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) content areas, as well as testing methods.

• Sex and the City: Gender & Urban History
HSTY 124: 3 credits
Dates: 5/14/2018 – 6/1/2018
Gender is an identity and an experience written onto the spaces of the city. The urban landscape – with its streets, buildings, bridges, parks and squares – shapes and reflects gender identities and sexual relations. This course examines the relationship between gender and urban space from the 19th century to the present, giving special attention to the city of Cleveland.

• Chemistry of Fermentation and Brewing 
CHEM 348/448: 3 credits
Dates: 5/14/2018 – 6/1/2018
This course includes in-depth discussions of the chemistry underlying either an aspect of the brewing process or a style of beer and the biochemistry of yeast fermentation, as well as mashing, lautering, boiling, conditioning, filtering and packaging. This course includes field trips to the Jolly Scholar pub (located on campus).