Welcome, WSOM!

We are excited to announce that Weatherhead School of Management has joined CWRU Summer Session! We will be offering ECON 103: Principles of Macroeconomics and ORBH 250: Leading People (LEAD I) during the 6-week Summer Session (June 17 – July 29). There has never been a better time to Think Summer! Consider these courses in your summer plans:

ECON 103: Principles of Macroeconomic with Daniel Shoag on MW 3:00-6:00.
While Microeconomics looks at individual consumers and firms, Macroeconomics looks at the economy as a whole. The focus of this class will be on the business cycle. Unemployment, inflation and national production all change with the business cycle. We will look at how these are measured, their past behavior and at theoretical models that attempt to explain this behavior. We will also look at the role of the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States in managing the business cycle.

ORBH 250: Leading People (LEAD I) with Tracey Messer on TR 1:00-4:00.
The principal goals of this course are to help students learn about the context in which managers and leaders function, gain self-awareness of their own leadership vision and values, understand the options they have for careers in management based on their own aptitudes, orientations and expertise, and develop the fundamental skills needed for success in a chosen career. Through a series of experiential activities, assessment exercises, group discussions, and peer coaching, based on a model of self-directed learning and life-long development, the course helps students understand and formulate their own career and life vision, assess their skills and abilities, and design a development plan to reach their objectives. The course enables students to see how the effective leadership of people contributes to organizational performance and the production of value, and how for many organizations, the effective leadership of people is the driver of competitive advantage. This is the first course in a two course sequence. Credit for at most one of ORBH 250 and ORBH 396 can be applied to hours required for graduation.