Chronicle Your Summer with ARTS 220: Photography Studio I

Spend the summer documenting your activities— for credit!

ARTS 220: PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO I will cover the fundamentals of film SLR cameras and black and white darkroom processes. Lectures, demonstrations and assignments will address camera operation, optics, exposure, black and white film processing, basic darkroom printing techniques, principles of image composition and introduce concepts related to critically analyzing photographs. Students will complete six individual assignments in addition to creating a portfolio over the course of the semester. Student work will be constructively critiqued in a group setting. Examples of historical and contemporary photographic works will be viewed and discussed. 35mm film SLR camera required.

A class trip to the University Farm will inspire your photographic skills while you receive hands on instruction from course instructor Jerry Birchfield. Even if you’ve never taken pictures on film before, this course will walk you through the full process from loading the film in your camera to hanging your final prints in a gallery, and you’ll finish the course with a creative portfolio to be proud of.

ARTS 220 will run Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1pm-4pm during the 8-week session (June 3 – July 29) in room B11 of the Art Studio. For more information, contact instructor Jerry Birchfield at Register today for this 8-week course and allow your creativity to flourish this summer!


For those who have already taken ARTS 220 but don’t want to miss out on the fun, ARTS 399 is also available.