Time Change for USSO 291J: Narratives of Immigration

SAGES course USSO 291J: Narratives of Immigration will now be offered at a new time during the 8 week session:
MWR 8:00am-9:30am.

This earlier scheduled time resolves potential conflicts with other summer course offerings so students can take full advantage of the benefits of summer session. Start your day, explore the topic of immigration, and fulfill your SAGES requirement with this eight week class!

As one of the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century, immigration has captured the imagination of politicians and authors alike. In this class, we will explore the stories of those who have migrated to the United States. We will analyze how various writers create autobiographical and fictional narratives of migration, addressing issues such as adjusting to different cultures, learning new languages, and adapting to new environments. Through these stories and histories, we will ask broader questions about immigration, including: is migration a basic human right? Is it ethical to define someone as being “illegal” for peacefully working and living in a different country from where they were born? What are the gendered, ethnic, cultural, and racial barriers that exist when migrating between countries? What are the cost(s) of citizenship and embracing a new country as one’s home? As the United States is largely seen as a nation of immigrants, how have immigrants’ stories perpetuated or undermined this reputation? Our booklist includes: American Dervish, American Born Chinese, and Brother, I’m Dying.


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