Looking for another Summer class?

Do you like smaller classes with more opportunities for interactions with instructors?  One of these courses might interest you:

ANTH 215  Introduction to Medical Anthropology
ARAB 101  Beginning Arabic I
ARTH 102  Art History II: Michelangelo to Maya Lin
ARTS 322  Digital Photo 1
BIOL 214  Genes, Evolution and Ecology
BIOL 214L  Genes, Evolution and Ecology Lab
ENGL 257A  Introduction to the Novel
HSTY/WGST 124  Sex and the City: Gender and Urban History
ITAL 101  Elementary Italian I
RLGN 171  Introducing Christianity
SPAN 101M  Elementary Medical Spanish
EMAE 397  Independent Lab Research
EMAE 399  Advanaced Research Design
EMSE 325  UG Research Materials Science
EMSE 368  MSE Scientific Writing
DSCI 352  Applied Data Science Research
ECIV 300  Undergraduate Research
ECHE 305  Topics in Chemical Engineering
COOP 3  Cooperative Education
COOP 4  Cooperative Education
COOP 10  Cooperative Education
EBME 105  Intro to Biomedical Engineering
EBME 305  Materials Prosthetic Orthotic
EBME 306  Intro to Biomedical Materials
EBME 320  Biomedical Imaging
EBME 325  Intro to Tissue Engineering
EBME 328  Biomedical Engineering R&D Training
EBME 398  BME Research Experience I
MGMT 206  Personal Financial Management with Digital Technology

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