JUST ADDED: ANTH 215 for July 6-31!

ANTH 215 Introduction to Medical Anthropology

July 6-31

“Georgetown University Students Take the Lincoln Memorial” by Geoff Livingston is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Why do infections such as coronavirus emerge and spread throughout human populations?

Take Medical Anthropology and explore why…

Medical anthropology is the holistic study of human health, well-being, and illness using a cross-cultural perspective, examining the ways in which different groups think about and act on sickness and suffering.  The discipline seeks to understand the social and cultural factors that influence health and well-being; the experience and distribution of illness; the prevention and treatment of illness; and healing processes.

For more information about the course, contact the instructor, Todd Fennimore, at txf80@case.edu.


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