Featured course: ANTH 102 Being Human: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology

Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Shenyang, China. Photo by Yi Li.

Who am I? I am a human being. But what is a human? Unlike a metal ring, an apricot cocktail, or the root of a chestnut tree, each of which has its innate and stable essence, a human’s potentiality far exceeds what he or she is. A human daily begins new things, meets new faces, embraces new possibilities—that is, he or she always holds the ability to open himself/herself to the Other: the Other can be a new product on the market, a new culture from outside, or a brand-new way of living the life, etc.. This course will explore how the human deals with the new beginnings and uncertainties in an ever-changing world, in which diverse ethnic groups, religious traditions, or cultural communities communicate and interact with each other, who together are witnessing one of the most formidable forces that drives the human history, the power of modernization, which is the human’s product, but is also reshaping the human.



Remote some synchronous and some asynchronous
For questions about the course, contact instructor, Yi Li, at yxl820@case.edu


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