Featured course: ARTH102 Art History II: From Michelangelo to Maya Lin

Auguste Rodin, The Thinker, 1880-1881, France, bronze, 182.9 x 98.4 x 142.2 cm, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Gift of Ralph King 1917.42

This survey course takes a broad view of the history of art, tracing major developments from the 14th century to the present in Europe and America, as well as examining key aspects of African and Asian art. In this class we will discuss significant artists, objects and movements, with special emphasis on painting, sculpture, architecture, the decorative arts, and print media. These works will be studied in their social and historical contexts, with consideration of issues of style, subject matter, meaning, technique, and aesthetics. We will also pay attention to various methodological approaches to the history of art, focusing on questions of gender, class, and globalization, questioning the formation of the canon as we trace the stories of art and its creation. This class will take advantage of the rich collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art with discussion sessions, during which students will be offered the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge to major works of art from across the globe.

Course modality: remote-synchronous. Zoom meetings, access through Canvas.
Prerequisites: None. Students are eligible to enroll in this class, even if they have not taken class ARTH101 before.

For any questions or additional information about the course, feel free to reach out to Prof. Angelica Verduci at axv270@case.edu



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