Featured course: THTR 207 Superheroes and Popular Culture

“14.01.2012 – The Ultimate Superhero” by Jlhopgood is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Luke Cage. Watchmen. Batwoman. The Six-Million Dollar Man. The Incredibles. Black Panther. Supergirl. The Boys. Miles Morales. We flock to watch our Superheroes defeat intergalactic villains and homegrown threats, all the while admiring their humanity, their humor, and their personal struggles. This brand-new course not only explores the idea of the “superhero” and how their stories have changed to reflect the times, but we also look at how the definition/depiction of superhero has changed over the past fifty years to include women and BIPOC heroes. From saviors to vigilantes to villains, superheroes have been created to reflect our hopes and our fears, and this course will use viewings (lots of them!) to ask the question: What do our heroes say about us?

May 2021
Modality: Online/Web-based (synchronous and asynchronous)

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