Featured course: USSY 286U Puzzled

Photo credit: Bernie Jim

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Do you like reading mysteries? Do you like to think about thinking? Has the pandemic made your bedroom feel like an Escape Room? Join with 17 other bewildered folks this summer for the phenomenon that is sweeping the globe. No, it’s not COVID-19. It’s the Zoom version of the SAGES seminar, Puzzled!

In Puzzled, students will be asked to both solve and create puzzles over the course of the semester. They will write analytical essays on topics related to the practice and history of puzzle making and puzzle solving, and they will pursue a research topic that revolves around an issue or problem that has “puzzled” them. Puzzled satisfies the SAGES requirement, Symbolic World (USSY), and is a three credit hour, web/distance learning seminar.

Contact instructor Bernie Jim (bernard.jim@case.edu) with questions.



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