Three-week May session begins in less than three weeks!

There is still a seat available for you in these courses (many are filling up fast!):
  • BIOL 214: Genes, Evolution and Ecology
  • BIOL 215: Cells and Proteins
  • BIOL 216: Development and Physiology
  • CHIN 350/350D: China and Green Cultural Transformation
  • IHSC 300: Synthesis of Premedical Concepts (MCAT Prep)
  • ITAL 370: Special Topics in Italian Literature: Italian Regions Top to Toe
  • PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 201: Introduction to Logic
  • SOCI 203: Human Development: Medical and Social
  • SPAN 306/406, ETHS 306: The Cuban Experience
  • THTR 207: Our Heroes, Ourselves: Superheroes and Popular Culture
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