CHEM 348/448: Chemistry of Fermentation and Brewing

To discern the molecular basis of fermentation and beer brewing, this course includes in-depth discussions of the chemistry underlying either an aspect of the brewing process or a style of beer (alt, kolsch, porter, bock, mead, ale, etc.).  The biochemistry of yeast fermentation, as well as mashing, lautering, boiling, conditioning, filtering, and packaging will be discussed.  There is no lab component (such as brewing beer), although field trips to the Jolly-Scholar pub (located on campus) will be part of the course, as well as invited speakers who have set up local microbreweries.  Each student will be expected to have basic background knowledge of chemistry, such as material taught in standard first year General Chemistry courses (CHEM 105, 106, and 111).  Lastly, the teacher of this course is a seasoned chemistry professor who has extensive experience with brewing beer!

This course has been canceled for Summer 2020.