Think Summer at CWRU

With over 100 undergraduate and graduate courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, Case School of Engineering, and Weatherhead School of Management, the CWRU Summer Term is a great opportunity to catch up or get ahead. CWRU and visiting students can study abroad and complete a course immersed in an international settings. Enjoy a CWRU Summer on campus and concentrate on one or more intensive courses. Planning for a pre-health career? We will have a wide range of biology core courses in 2021. Students can also complete a full year of introductory chemistry, organic chemistry, or physics in back-to-back sessions. The CWRU Summer Term is also a great opportunity to save money. Tuition for courses numbered 100-399 is half rate of fall and spring semesters.


Listen to these students share their thoughts on the benefits of taking Summer courses at CWRU:


Featured course: BIOL 112 Biology’s Survival Guide to College

Stressed out? Sleep Deprived? Of course, you’re in college!

New Course: Pandemics, Past and Present

“This is the way we are going to learn how to curb [pandemics] in the future. It can’t be a one discipline approach anymore. “

New Course: Utopia/Dystopia and the History of Science

Starting with the Scientific Revolution of the 1600s, students will uncover the relationship between knowledge and power; the impact of new technologies; the voyages of exploration and exploitation; industrialization and forms of production; ideas of gender, race and class, nuclear power, genetics and climate change within books ranging from Thomas More’s Utopia to Octavia Butler’s The Parable of the Sower and a contemporary film.

New Course: What do we know about climate change?

In PHYS/PHIL 261, Our Knowledge of Climate Change: What do we know and how do we know it?, Chris Haufe, associate professor of philosophy, and Cyrus Taylor, Albert A. Michelson Professor in Physics, join forces to bring students a lesson about the very important intersection of philosophy and big science

Take PHYS/PHIL 261 this summer with Cyrus Taylor, award winner for excellent undergraduate teaching!

Physics Professor Cyrus Taylor wins the 2021 Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching!

Featured course: USSO 289J Treasure or Trash: Examining Theatrical Credibility

When seeing a movie or a play, everyone can say whether they liked it or not, but many times we can’t articulate why.

Take a Break and Get Ahead with an Online Course this Summer!

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Featured course: BIOL 312 Introductory Plant Biology

Understanding plants today plays an enormous role in all of our lives.

Vaccines and Epidemics: Lessons from History

Jonathan Sadowsky, Castele Professor of Medical History, gives readers a lesson on the history of vaccine hesitancy and vaccine distribution. See his article in The Daily.

Featured course: THTR 100 Introduction to Acting

Introduction to Acting is a fun, interactive exploration of the skills an actor uses to transform into another person: the character!

Important Dates

2021 Summer Sessions

May session May 21 – June 11*
8-week session June 1 – July 27*
5-week session June 1 – July 2
4-week session (1) June 1 – June 28
6-week session June 14 – July 26*
4-week session (2)  July 6 – Aug 2
* No classes on Monday, May 31 or Monday, July 5


Registration Dates:
Graduate 3/22/2021
Undergraduate 4/12/2021
Non-Degree/Visiting Student 4/13/2021