Pre-Collegiate Summer Programs

Still in high school but ready for a collegiate experience? Case Western Reserve University’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Programs fully immerse ambitious high school students in a college curriculum, conversations and activities. There are four 3-week on campus programs to select from that will give the student a truly immersive college experience! For more information, visit the Summer Programs website.


Pre-College Scholars Program

High school students from Ohio wishing to take regular university summer classes may apply to enroll through the Pre-College Scholars program. The Pre-College Scholars Program at Case Western Reserve University is very selective and competitive and is designed to give highly motivated and able secondary school students the opportunity to enroll in challenging college courses prior to graduating from high school, either in the summer or during the academic year. The Pre-Scholars application is available on-line in March with an application deadline for summer enrollment of March 15, 2019. For complete information please go to the application link. For more information regarding this program, please see their website.


FOCUS Programs

These programs, funded by county, state and federal grants, foundations and personal donations, encourage connections between Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland community, providing youth and families access to academic assistance, life skills training, counseling, nutrition education and college preparation and advising. These programs enhance both the university and the community relations. Read more about the various FOCUS programs here.


Summer Programs for Middle and High School Students

Case Western Reserve University offers a variety of activities for pre-college students including research programs, sports camps, and academic support. The office of Student Affairs offers many community engagement programs for local high school students that focus on sport activities, heath and wellness, and education.